Kiram's Village

Kiram'2 Village Room Rates

Choose One Room Type Rate (RM) Remarks
Pineapple cabin (single unit) RM250.00 2 Pax
Asparagus Cabin (2-storey; 4 bedrooms, 2 super single beds) RM550.00 8 pax (Recommend)
16 pax (Maximum)
Capsicum Cabin (2-storey; 4 bedroom, 2 single) RM550.00 10 pax(Recommend)
16 pax(Maximum)
Cabbage Cabin (2-storey, 1 queenbed, 1 single, 1 bunk bed) RM310.00 5 pax (Recommend)
6pax (Maximum)
Bracolli Cabin (2-storey; 1 queenbed, 2 single bed) RM190.00 4pax (Recommend)
5pax (Maximum)
Strawberry Cabin (2 queens, 1 bunk bed, 1 single bed) RM400.00 7pax (Recommend)
12pax (Maximum)
Pumpkin cabin (2-Storey; 2 queen, 2 single bed) RM330.00 6pax (Recommend)
10pax (Maximum)
Apple & Banana cabin (2 Identical cabins; 2 queen bed each room RM190.00 4pax (Recommend)
5pax (Maximum)
Chilli & Opion rooms (2 separate room in a semi detached cabin. Each room 1 queen bed & 1 single bed) RM110.00 3pax (Recommend)
4pax (Maximum)
Mushroom & potatoes rooms (2 separate rooms in a semi detached cabin, each room 1 queen bed) RM110.00 2pax (Recommend)
4pax (Maximum)

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